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15 Proven Zoom Job Interview Tips You Need To Know

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Fortunately, with the use of technology, interviews have been made much easier and less time-consuming. Zoom has become an increasingly popular tool for job interviews since its launch in 2011.

This article provides an ultimate guide to navigating Zoom job interviews to help applicants make the best possible impression on their potential employers.

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zoom job interview tips

What Is A Zoom Interview?

The 2020 pandemic caused many changes in how people work and communicate. One of these changes is the popularization of the video conferencing software zoom.

Zoom interviews are conducted virtually over the internet using video conferencing software such as Zoom or Skype.

To ace your zoom interview and make a good impression, there are some tips that you should use to help you before, during, and after your interview.

Remember, the job interview format has changed. Although video calls can be similar to an inperson interview in some ways, video conferencing platforms can be nerve-racking if you've never used them before.

This blog post will discuss 15 zoom job interview tips to help you secure your dream role.

How Long Does A Zoom Interview Last?

A typical job interview on zoom will last anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour or more. The call length will depend on the employer and the position being filled.

For instance, entry-level positions may only require a short 15-minute chat with a recruiter, while executive roles may require two or three rounds of interviews that can add up to several hours.

During this time frame, employers will assess your skillset, ask questions about your experience and evaluate how well you fit into their company culture.

How To Prepare For An Interview On Zoom

Zoom interview preparation is of the utmost importance to ensure your call runs smoothly. That's why it's important to take the time to do all of the necessary preparation in advance, so you can confidently and successfully enter your Zoom interview without any technical difficulties.

As the world continues moving towards remote and virtual work environments, employers rely more heavily on online video platforms like Zoom to interview available talent.

To ensure your success in this new job interview format, it’s important to understand some of the best practices for zoom interviews. By following our 15 proven tips for success, you are sure to succeed.

1. Research The Company That You Are Interviewing With.

Making sure you have a thorough understanding of their mission and values will not only help you provide better answers during the interview, but it will also show that you have taken the initiative to learn about them before being asked.

2. Pick A Quiet Area In Your Home

If you're preparing for a job interview over Zoom, choosing a quiet area of your house or apartment is important to ensure that the interviewer can hear you clearly and without interruption.

Ensure you are in a brightly lit room so the interviewer can see you clearly and with minimal background noise or distraction.

A quiet room with minimal noise from outside sources is ideal, but if that isn't possible, turn off any fans, air conditioning units or other loud appliances.

You should also ensure your pets are contained in another part of the house - barking dogs and meowing cats can be distracting!

Make sure there are no background noises, such as music playing. This will help keep your interviewer’s attention on you.

Additionally, be aware of potential interruptions from children you may have, family members or roommates who may not be aware that you have an interview at the time. If necessary, explain the situation to them beforehand so they know not to disturb you during the call.

video conferencing software zoom

3. Prepare And Organize Your Outfits.

Planning and preparing your attire for a Zoom job interview is essential to ensuring you make the best impression possible.

Your outfit should be appropriate and professional as if you were attending an in-person interview. Before the day of your interview, decide which clothing items you will wear and lay them out so that you are ready to go when the time comes.

Taking the time to plan ahead helps reduce any last-minute stress or anxiety related to finding something appropriate in your closet.

When selecting what to wear, Dark colours like navy blue or charcoal grey can work well since they tend to look more formal on camera.

Additionally, consider materials that don’t wrinkle easily, as this can create a sloppy appearance on video calls which may not make a great first impression with potential employers.

4. Test Your Device In Advance

If you're preparing for a zoom job interview, you must test any devices you will be using beforehand, ensuring your video call runs smoothly, and you appear and look professional.

Before your big day, make sure to check the audio, video and connection quality of any device you plan on using.

For example, if you plan on using a laptop or desktop computer for the Zoom call, ensure it has a working microphone and camera with minimal background noise.

Using headphones or earbuds during the call may also be beneficial as they provide better sound quality than built-in speakers. Additionally, be sure to have a reliable internet connection, as slow speeds can cause lag in both audio and video feeds.

zoom job interview

5. Make Sure Your Internet Connection Is Good.

Before logging on for your interview, test your home internet connection by running an online speed test.

This will tell you if your download and upload speeds are up to par with what's required for a smooth video call. Additionally, it’s best practice to use an ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi, as this ensures that there won’t be any drops in connection during the call.

You can check zoom's recommended system requirements below.

6. Minimize Phone Interruptions

Making sure your phone is on silent or vibrate mode throughout the duration of the interview is essential, as any ringing or buzzing can be extremely distracting and could take away from your chances of making a great impression.

Additionally, turning off all notifications before participating in a job interview will help create a distraction-free environment in which you can better focus on giving the best impression possible.

Taking some extra steps, such as leaving your phone in another room or putting it on airplane mode, are also beneficial methods to ensure that there are no technical issues during the virtual meeting.

Mastering the etiquette of a Zoom interview is key to making a positive impression and is something we recommend you take seriously; you should treat them the same as an in-person interview.

7. Make Sure Your Device Is Set Up Properly.

If you want to perform well in the interview, you must ensure any technical difficulties do not interfere with the video call and that your device is correctly set up.

The first thing you should do is make sure your device is fully charged - this means not having to scramble for a charger mid-interview!

8. Have A Practice Meeting

Beforehand, have a practice meeting with friends or family members to prepare and familiarize yourself with the technology.

Doing this will help you feel more comfortable when it's time for your real job interview.

It also allows you to double-check that your technical needs are met before the call begins; make sure that everything from your audio setup to video background appears professional and stable.

These steps will ensure that nothing stands between you and a successful Zoom job interview!

9. Greet The Interviewer

Greeting the interviewer promptly when you enter into the video call is key, as this will demonstrate professionalism and respect for their time.

Make sure that you have practiced introducing yourself beforehand to appear confident. Additionally, by presenting yourself in a well-mannered fashion, you can make an excellent first impression on your potential employer, which could help to secure a job offer down the line.

10. Look Into The Camera

If you're about to participate in a job interview over Zoom, it's important to stay focused and present.

That means looking into the camera during the video call with your potential employer, not the actual screen, as this can appear you are looking elsewhere.

Doing so shows that you mean business and are taking the process seriously. It also helps establish a connection between you and the interviewer, which is key to making a good impression.

Make sure your eye contact is direct and consistent, and try not to look away too much. You should also avoid looking down at your hands during the call, as doing so can be a sign of nervousness and can make you look disinterested in the job. Don't forget to smile and be yourself.

zoom interview tips

11. Use Appropriate Body Language

Many interviewees focus on what they will say and how they will answer questions and overlook body language for zoom interviews.

However, body language is important in conveying confidence and professionalism during a virtual interview.

Use these tips to ensure appropriate body language during your next Zoom job interview.

1. Wear professional clothing even though you may not be seen from the waist down. Sitting up straight with both feet firmly planted on the ground will give off a positive impression that you are engaged and ready for the conversation.

2. Ensure you maintain eye contact with the interviewer by looking directly into your camera when speaking or listening.

This shows respect and demonstrates that you are paying attention throughout the entire interview process.

3. Don't slouch, fold your arms across your body, or cross your legs. Sit straight with your hands on the table in front of you so you appear relaxed and confident.

4. try not to use filler words like "um" or "like.

12. Ask Questions About The Job And the Company

Asking questions about the job and company is an important part of any successful interview.

Thoughtful questions demonstrating your knowledge and enthusiasm for the position let employers know you’re engaged with their work.

If you followed our first tip on researching the company, now is the time to ask any meaningful questions you have.

13. Listen Before You answer, And Don't Interrupt.

Preparing for any job interview can be a stressful experience, but following some simple tips can make the process smoother and more successful.

One of the most important pieces of advice to remember is to listen before you answer and don’t interrupt.

This will help you to pay attention to all the details and show that you are truly interested in the position.

Listening carefully during your Zoom job interview will also help you formulate an appropriate response and provide relevant information about yourself when necessary.

Additionally, it shows that you have patience, respect for others' opinions, and excellent communication skills - desirable qualities for any candidate.

Take the time to hear out what is being said before responding - this small gesture can make a big difference in how well your interviewer perceives you!

14. Be Positive.

Many interviewees fall into the trap of talking negatively about their current or previous employer or any other situation; we strongly advise against this and recommend you remain positive throughout the whole interview.

This is your opportunity to discuss your experience and skills in a positive light and highlight how you can be an asset to the company. Being positive during a job interview will not only help you feel more relaxed, but it can also give off a great first impression to potential employers.

For example, having a good attitude and being enthusiastic about the opportunity shows that you are confident in your skills and excited about joining their team. Additionally, highlighting any successes from past opportunities or experiences can demonstrate how you would be an asset to the company.

virtual interview tips

15. After The Interview.

Now that you've gone through the interview process, it's time to take some post-interview steps. Here is some advice on what to do after a Zoom job interview for maximum success.

First, send an email or handwritten thank you note to your interviewer. Doing so shows that you appreciate their time and allows you to reiterate why you're suited for the position. It also reminds them of your name and qualifications in a polite way.

Second, stay organized by tracking your job search progress in one location, such as a spreadsheet or calendar app. This will help you track when follow-up emails should be sent or when interviews occurred so that multiple applications don’t get mixed up.


In conclusion, Zoom job interviews can be a great way to connect with employers, but it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your interview is successful.

With our 15 tips, you can prepare for a Zoom job interview with confidence and stand out from the competition. Make sure to dress appropriately, practice your responses beforehand and ensure that you have a reliable connection.


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