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Temp Job Agency London | SJR London

Temp Agency London | SJR London

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Who are SJR London?

SJR London is a leading temp agency in London, Founded by Stephanie Jackson and her brother Christopher. With over 15 years experience in recruitment, we specialize in connecting skilled and motivated candidates with temporary job opportunities across various industries. SJR London has become the go-to temporary recruitment agency for both job seekers and employers seeking reliable staffing solutions.

Whether you are looking for temporary work to gain experience or bridge gaps between permanent roles, SJR London is dedicated to helping individuals find their ideal employment situation while ensuring businesses have access to talented professionals on short notice.


Whether you're a business that needs temporary staff or a candidate looking for work, we can help. Call us today on 0208 245 1192, and one of our consultants will be happy to help.


What Temporary Jobs Do You Recruit For?

At SJR London, we specialize in connecting job seekers with temporary positions across various industries. Our extensive network and experience enable us to find the right fit for you, whether you're seeking administrative, customer service, data entry, warehouse, or event staff roles.


Our personalized approach ensures that we consider your availability, skills, and career goals to make successful matches. Partner with SJR London as your temp agency in London for expert assistance, professional growth support, and valuable resources throughout the recruitment process.




How Quickly Can You Find Me A Job?

The timing of finding a temporary role can vary. In some cases, we can place candidates on the same day we meet them. However, there are instances where it may take some time for the right opportunity to come along. Being flexible with your availability, hourly rate, and job criteria increases your chances of finding a role sooner.

Benefits Of Using A Temp Agency

Temp agencies benefit both job seekers and employers. We provide job seekers with access to a wide range of opportunities and valuable work experience, making them more marketable and Temporary positions can also lead to permanent employment, which has happened to many of our candidates in the past.

For employers, temp agencies offer flexible workforce management, allowing them to quickly adjust to changing demands. We also save time and resources by screening qualified candidates, ensuring you get the best possible candidates for your company.








Client Testimonials

A fantastic agency and certainly the most responsive and professional out of any retail recruitment agency I have used in London. Their screening criteria for new candidates are very high.


I would recommend them highly to others in the luxury retail industry. They are a pleasure to work with. "Retail Manager United Perfumes".

The candidates SJR has provided have been a great deal of support, and I'm very pleased with the services. "Retail manager Monica Vinadar".

How To Get Started With SJR London

To speak to our Temp recruitment team to see if we can help with your recruitment solutions, please contact a member of our team via the details below.

Email: If you are seeking to hire any staff, we will respond on the same working day.

Telephone:  0208 245 1192

Address: Block F, 288 Chase Rd N14 6HF

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